Frequently asked questions about CloudCuddle

CloudCuddle is not reimbursed by insurance companies. Reimbursement by the Wmo depends on your municipality. On our blog there are experiences of families who received reimbursement through a municipality.

Sometimes funds are open to help with costs. Funds known to us:

Bisschop Bluyssen Fonds: offers help from its Christian identity

William Schrikker Fonds: for foster children

Monicares: for families in Zwolle

Fonds Kind & Handicap

Stichting Vooruit

Zeldzame Ziektes Fonds

Stichting MEE: a cooperative association of 20 regional MEE organizations spread throughout the country.

Carpe Diem Stichting

Do you know of another fund? Let us know about it. We will then add to the list so that even more parents can be helped.

We also hope that the use of CloudCuddle will be included in the care provision at vacation addresses (many insurers offer this once a year in the Netherlands). The Wmo aims to promote ‘participation in society’. Please pay attention to this in your application. In particular, point out the need to stay with friends and family or to accommodate your child with an independent care provider.

Belgium: in Belgium, you can apply to the VAPH for ‘Special Support’.

A large number of municipalities provide a reimbursement for the purchase of a CloudCuddle. As with other aids, municipalities will evaluate each application individually and decide whether or not to grant reimbursement on a case-by-case basis. A good letter can help. Therefore, with the help of an occupational therapist, we have drafted a sample letter. You may use it and adapt it to your situation.

The Belastingdienst site has information on assistive devices that you can deduct on your tax return. CloudCuddle is an adaptation to a bed and may fit under the heading: “adaptations of items used primarily by sick or disabled persons.” Please contact your tax advisor to inquire whether you may deduct CloudCuddle.

The frame of a CloudCuddle is inflatable. Together with the soft cover that surrounds it, it absorbs all the knocks and muffles the sound of banging and hitting. Good for the (night) rest of the whole family. It’s easy to see in this video that one of our customers sent us.

The CloudCuddle was extensively tested for a year with 75 families. This showed that the current CloudCuddle is an excellent solution for most children. It keeps them safe in bed, is soothing and makes them feel secure. But there are also children who do not respond well to the CloudCuddle. These are particularly children who drop with their full weight against the side of the CloudCuddle. For these children, we advise against using a CloudCuddle.

As a guideline, you can assume that the CloudCuddle is suitable for children aged 0 – 16 years who weigh up to 50kg. There are exceptions: for example, a child of 18 years and 60kg for whom it works well, but also a child of 7 years and 30kg for whom it does not work. Therefore, we strongly recommend using a trial weekend. Give us a call or sign up using this form.

With the word “inflatable” most people initially think of bouncy castles. However, we use a completely different technique, as a result of which the frame and therefore the entire construction is very sturdy. What is of great importance: the CloudCuddle must be sufficiently inflated. We recommend a pressure of 0.45 bar. Below this level, the frame is too slack and the tubes can collapse.

We do not recommend the use of electric pumps because many pumps cannot deliver the proper pressure. Do you have an electric pump and want to use it? Then first check whether it can deliver sufficient pressure (at least 0.45 bar).

CloudCuddle has 2 colors of zippers. Blue zippers to open the tube cover and white zippers for the mesh. If you do happen to misplace the zipper, then it is an option to provide the runners with colored laces. We do not offer this option ourselves because this can also entail risks. For example, children may try to grab the string through the mesh and damage it.

You can order the CloudCuddle in our webshop.

CloudCuddle is always delivered including a manual. You can also find the manual on our website.

The inflatable construction is very strong, yet soft and absorbent. In addition, the construction is not completely hard, so it can absorb the energy of wild movements. And, of course, we chose soft fabrics that are nice to the touch.

The CloudCuddle was designed with the needs and wishes of children with physical and/or mental disabilities in mind. However, we do see the potential for “healthy” children, so here we will develop another variant.

For the time being, only hand pumps are available. In order to avoid unnecessary costs (for example if you already have such a pump) and to keep the cost of the CloudCuddle itself as low as possible, you can order the hand pump separately.

CloudCuddle is officially recognized as a Social Enterprise because we give families an enormous amount of freedom and try to keep the price as low as possible. Because we have established this in our policy as well. Maximum profit is not a goal for us. But it is: maximum accessibility for families.