Bed tent reduces wandering behavior

Restless sleeper loves confined space

Gijsbert van der Vos is a personal caretaker at Gemiva-SVG. A large care organization in South Holland. One of his residents is a restless young man who often comes out of bed at night. Recently he broke his leg and was absolutely not allowed to burden it. How was Gijsbert going to arrange this? First, he rented a special bed that could be locked. The resident was safe and reacted positively to the locked bed. Even during the day he indicated that he wanted to go to his bed. That’s why the behaviorist wanted to do a test with the CloudCuddle bed tent. She suspected that this would reduce his nocturnal wandering behavior.

Behavioral expert recommends bed tent

After the fracture, the resident was allowed to sleep in a normal bed again. But the behavioral expert suggested to first do a test with the CloudCuddle bed tent. After all, the resident had shown that he likes a private environment. Maybe he would also calm down in a CloudCuddle and sleep better. “We put the CloudCuddle on his regular bed and kept a close eye on him with camera surveillance”, says Gijsbert. “We saw how quiet he was and how he didn’t need to get out despite turning and turning.

Confined space reduces the urge to sit up straight

CloudCuddle has a positive effect on sleep behavior. This has already been proven many many times. For example in children with autism. Gijsbert is convinced that this can also apply to adults: “The security of a CloudCuddle apparently reduces the incentive to sit up straight. As a result, he sleeps even better and is better rested in the morning. This saves us work at night. After all, we don’t have to bring him back to bed all the time. With a CloudCuddle we can quickly and flexibly create a private bed. We think it’s ideal to calm clients down who are wandering around at night”.

Useful benefits of a bed tent

“Folded up, CloudCuddle fits in a weekend bag and therefore takes up little storage space. Moreover, we can wash and disinfect the CloudCuddle ourselves, which is not possible with other beds. And also not unimportant: CloudCuddle is many times cheaper than other solutions. This leg fracture was obviously annoying for our resident. But now that he has recovered, he has been given a fine sleeping cocoon. For Gemiva, this bed tent is a practical tool to give residents a better night’s sleep. And because the bed tent reduces wandering behavior, we also have more peace and quiet at night”.