CloudCuddle: aid for disabled children

Disabled children can safely sleep wherever you go 

Different children sleep in the CloudCuddle bedtent

Because every child with a disability is different, during the design phase we extensively tested the CloudCuddle over a period of several years with 75 families. In the meantime, a few years have passed and by now thousands of children have slept in the CloudCuddle. For most children CloudCuddle is an excellent solution. They can lean against it and kick and hit it. The CloudCuddle absorbs the blows. The children do not fall out of bed and cannot crawl out unexpectedly. The security they feel and the fact that the CloudCuddle has an absorbing effect, provides peace of mind. Not only for the child. All family members and carers benefit from this and therefore also sleep better themselves.

Larger and smaller children sleep inside the CloudCuddle

Children who sleep in the CloudCuddle are all different. From small to large, they all fit in it. There are institutions which also use the CloudCuddle for adults. The sitting height of a CloudCuddle is 75 cm, so everyone can sit upright in it. Even adults. This is very convenient when parents sit next to their child on the bed, for example to read a story.

Also for young adults?

Based on experience, we apply the following guidelines when using the CloudCuddle. In principle, the aid is suitable for children from 0 to 16 years of age, weighing up to approximately 50 kilos. Please note: this is a guideline. There are (young) adults who weigh 80 kilos and who benefit from the CloudCuddle, but also minors with a light weight for which we can hardly predict.
It appears that the appliance is less suitable for children who are extremely mobile and who constantly drop their full weight against the side of the CloudCuddle. In principle, we advise against using a CloudCuddle for these children. Age and weight are therefore not always decisive. It is all about the interplay between age, weight and behaviour.
It also happens that restless children become very calm. For this reason, we always strongly recommend using a trial weekend. We prefer to leave the assessment of whether or not a CloudCuddle is suitable for your child to the parents themselves. Please call or e-mail us in the event of doubt or questions.