CloudCuddle bedtent


  • Weight: ca 5,2 kg.
  • Sizes:
    in bag: 50 x 30 x 30cm.
    on bed: 200 x 100 x 90
  • Seting hight: 75 cm.
  • Color: light blue 



  • Ready in just 5 min. 
  • The CloudCuddle bed tent has a 100% coton sheet incorporated.  This sheet can be zipped out and can be cleaned separately. Extra sheets can be ordered.
  • The adjustable straps are made to attach the CloudCuddle to the bedframe. This is for stability and strength.
  • The zippers are easy to recognize and easy to open. 
  • Straps underneath the mattress are also adjustable. This way the CloudCuddle can be adjusted to most 1-p mattresses.  


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