Sensitive sleepers are easily disturbed

Multiply disabled children are often sensitive sleepers and keep everyone awake. Loes Oorschot (26) has a serious mental handicap, she cannot talk and has a cerebral visual impairment (CVI). She lives at home with her parents and was almost every night awake. But ever since she sleeps in a CloudCuddle, she hardly wakes up anymore. […]

Deeply touched by crowdfunding friends

Karen still can’t believe it. Friends secretly raised money through crowdfunding so she could buy a CloudCuddle for her son Stan. There was a process that had preceded this. In his normal bed Stan (3 years old) could stand up straight and jump. He also smashed and hit against the walls.  That kept both himself […]

Bed tent reduces wandering behavior

Restless sleeper loves confined space Gijsbert van der Vos is a personal caretaker at Gemiva-SVG. A large care organization in South Holland. One of his residents is a restless young man who often comes out of bed at night. Recently he broke his leg and was absolutely not allowed to burden it. How was Gijsbert […]