Founder CloudCuddle Lotte Leufkens

Bedtent as solution to sleep away from home with disabled child 

Lotte Leufkens: “My  CloudCuddle adventure started while studying mechanical engineering at TU Delft. A father with a disabled son told us about his biggest challenges”

She continues: “One of these challenges is to sleep away from home. Children with disabilities often sleep in a bed box at home. But those are not mobile, for instance, when going on holiday. Let alone when you go out with your child. As a result, families are very much tied to home”.

“The father challenged us to think of something to answer the question: how can I let my disabled child stay with others? That question inspired me to design a workable and flexible solution: the CloudCuddle. This allows us to help all families who experience this problem. And I think that is a privilege!

“After years of development and months of extensive testing, we launched CloudCuddle in June 2017. From that moment on, the first families who had ordered a CloudCuddle could enjoy a more relaxing holiday”.

Meanwhile, four enthusiastic colleagues are working together to further develop CloudCuddle.

(foto: Fred Leeflang)

[E] lotte@cloudcuddle.

Oda van Hijfte

Helping a start-up finding its way is very challenging and rewarding. As an experienced marcom professional, I can say: it is fun to do!”. 

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